Los Angeles

One to One

Enter the world of Liv Aanrud. A type of meditative escape, her paintings invite you into the abstract by combining traditional folk methods of weaving. Growing up on a small Wisconsin farm, her roots have blossomed to create intricate pieces that span some 40 ft in length at times.

Monster Children hosted a solo exhibition titled "Weirder Mirror" of Liv's work and performance by Laura Stone at 1700 Naud in Los Angeles January 17th, 2020

Filmed by Justin Gaar
Additional Photography by Liv Aanrud

“Faster, Hammers, We’re Almost There!”: an outdoor installation by Aubrey Ingmar Manson at ARVIA in August 2019.

Interview organized and produced by ChiaoxArt : an important platform that brings the diverse LA art scene to the Taiwanese audience. They provide news and interviews with artists of all disciplines and reviews on shows and events in LA and Taiwan.

Produced, hosted, and translated by Joanne Hsieh, Edited by Kerry Yang


W I N G S P A N - Meditation I

‘The gentlest touch, the softest spark can build a powerful vortex of potential energy.’ Wingspan is a meditative time based light experience. This project premiered at the opening for ‘Magick is Afoot’ a group art show at Arvia LA for two separate performances each approximately one hour in duration. Fusing the acts of drawing and animation, Ryan P. Griffin of Projected Visions was present creating rhythmic meditative lines in sets that pulsed and breathed. This simple yet dynamic process built in complexity over time to a soothing and contemplative soundscape, an audio recording of Jack DeJohnette’s – Music in the Key of Om and Peace Time.

"Magick is Afoot" at Arvia at XIX Studios, Curated by Andrew Cortes and Liv Aanrud

Camera by Vera Amaya
Performance by Ryan P. Griffin
Projected Visions 2019

Video documentation by Christopher Wormald for ARVIA's “Pass the Stick” group exhibition at Spring/ Break Art Show LA - 2/15/2019. Featured work by artists Liv Aanrud, Daniel Paul Schubert, Shannon Roxanne Taylor, Nicolas Shake, George Jenson and Christopher Wormald.

Sound is 2min excerpt of Christopher Wormald's 17min soundtrack commissioned by ARVIA and performed for “Pass the Stick.”

Some Sort of Sick Euphoria

"Much like a wave, Andrew's art is fleeting."

Monster Children hosted a solo exhibition titled "No Se" of Andrew Cortes' work at 1700 Naud in Los Angeles, October 2018

Video by Justin Gaar

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