Los Angeles


The concept of Arvia was born out of necessity to preserve tangible context in viewing contemporary art and to offer space to fellow artists to work, think and live.

Arvia is a site of creative production, co-run by Andrew Cortes and Anne Marie Taylor. Growing up, Andrew watched his grandfather work and build in the shed sat the back of the property where his studio is now. The outdoor communal space functions as a resource for friends and artists to work on individual projects, and has organically developed to include exhibitions of a site-specific nature, having been either conceived or built onsite or made specifically for the space.

The main house has been open as an intimate residency for artists, architects and photographers since spring 2016.



Lucien Shapiro | October

Faster,Hammers...We're Almost There! | Aubrey Ingmar-Manson | August-October

Of Play and Pursuit | Aaron Farley | June-July


Untitled (Show #3) | Daniel Gibson, Alfonso Gonzalez Jr.,Katie Kirk, Aryana Minai, Lily Ramirez, Daniel Schubert | August

A Rift in the Landscape | Michael Rollins | July

The Parks | Nicolas Shake | June


Make Yourself at Home | Trina Turturicci | October

Sing Into My Mouth | Liv Aanrud | July


Bearing/Behavior | Anna Wingfield & Michael Hentz | April - May 2019

Spring Break Art Show LA (fair) | Pass the Stick | Liv Aanrud, George Jensen, Nicolas Shake, Daniel Schubert, Shannon Roxanne Taylor, Christopher Wormald | February 2019

Los Angeles Metaphysical Library | XIXStudios | January - March 2019

Magick is Afoot: Liv Aanrud, Nadege Monchera Baer, AndrewPhilip Cortes, Catherine Fairbanks, Paul Gillis, Kathryn O’Halloran, TessieSalcido Whitmore, Projected Visions | curated by Andrew Cortes and Liv Aanrud | XIX Studios | December 2018

Neither Here Nor There: Andrew Cortes, Tess Gayhart, Chelsea Mosher, Gabriel Luis Perez, MichaelRollins, Christopher Wormald | The Dojo | May 2016



“Swap Meet #2” ODD ARK LA | May

Christopher Wormald | Residency | May


Maria Skovgaard Olesen & Katherine Sofie Jessen | Residency | December
Catherine Haggerty | Residency | July

Andreas Dobler and Anna Kannai | Work shop for Add A+A to XIX Evergreene Studio | June

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